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Bar Security Services

Your bar should be a place where people go to escape their troubles, so let American Protection Bureau's security services help to keep your bar trouble-free.


About Our Bar Security Services

Bars require thorough security to ensure that all staff and patrons are safe, protected and at ease while spending time there. Without a security plan in place, it is easy for things to get out of hand at a bar. Two things that are plentiful at most bars are alcohol and high emotions. Sometimes, when people mix the two, they make poor choices, and those poor choices can affect everyone in the place. Others' intoxicated decisions can give your business a bad reputation.

At American Protection Bureau, we have the know-how to handle various bar situations. By monitoring the door and keeping an eye on all bar happenings, we can often stop trouble before it begins. When problems do arise, we are able to quickly and efficiently put an end to the unruly behavior and communicate with law enforcement officers as needed.

Our security guards are licensed and extensively trained. They are CPR certified, fire trained, and drug tested. Our team is insured and covered by disability liability and worker's compensation. American Protection Bureau's expert security guards are prepared and equipped for any situation that might arise at your bar.

Benefits of Hiring a Security Company for Your Bar

Security Strategy

American Protection Bureau partners with your bar to create a customized security plan for your establishment. We want to keep you informed about what is going on at your business, so when we are on-site, we use two-way radios to ensure that we are always in touch with your staff.

Special Event Staff

For those times when you hold a special event at your bar, we can provide extra security. We have sufficient staffing to cover your large event, and we can post personnel as fire guards, greeters, social media monitors, door guards and EMTs.

Law Enforcement Communication

Keeping an open line of communication with local law enforcement is important for a bar. Our team takes care of those communications so that your staff members can focus their attention on other responsibilities.

Community Reputation

The success of your business depends on your reputation in the community, so we work hard to keep trouble away from your bar. We also attend community board meetings to ensure that we are up on the latest policies and regulations that affect your establishment, and we can speak up for your business in meetings and forums.

Day and Night Monitoring

A bar's operations extend beyond normal business hours, so our security services aren't restricted to daytime only. We can provide weekend and late-night security personnel, and we can also outfit you with a state-of-the-art surveillance system for around-the-clock monitoring.

Applications for a Bar Security Company

American Protection Bureau's bar security services work for all types of bars. Whether you have a quiet neighborhood pub or a boisterous club that doesn't get busy until the sun goes down, our team can provide the security that you need. We monitor bars of all sizes, from cozy one-room establishments to sprawling multi-level buildings, and our security team has the staffing to thoroughly cover your space. We are large enough to send extra team members if a last-minute need arises.

No matter what time of the day or night you need protection, our security guards can be there for you. We understand that the overnight hours are often the busiest for a bar. In fact, we can provide extra staff at the times that you need it most, whether that's late at night or on the weekends. Our team will work with your management staff to ensure that we establish a schedule that meets your needs. We can also boost up the staffing whenever you hold a special event, such as a party, a pub crawl or a holiday celebration.

Our security team understands the ins and outs of the bar business, so we can take care of all of your security needs. This may include people to monitor the door to keep known troublemakers out and ensure that everyone who enters is of age. We can also post security personnel throughout your building to discreetly keep an eye on what is happening inside. We can even monitor social media to keep apprised of trouble that may be heading your way.

At American Protection Bureau, our experts keep in touch with legal issues related to bars. We stay on top of the current policies set by your local government, and we serve as a middleman between you and law enforcement. We help you craft a security plan that meets or exceeds local requirements, and we put our best effort into helping you stay in good standing with your neighbors and community.

Thanks to extensive training, all of our guards understand that customer service is a high priority on this job. We take pride in the way that we communicate with your bar management, staff and patrons. Intoxicated customers may try to fight or argue, but our team knows how to speak in a way that helps to diffuse a tense situation. We are sensitive to patrons' needs but always maintain an air of authority and confidence.

Hire American Protection Bureau for Your Bar Security

If you are ready to partner with American Protection Bureau for your bar security services, call us at (631) 390-9050 or request a free quote and consultation. We are licensed in New York and Florida and will get in touch with you to discuss your bar security needs.

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Our professional security team can provide quality day and nighttime protection services for your establishment on Long Island, New York City, or Florida.