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Remote Surveillance vs Onsite Security: What Does Your Business Need?

In the digital age, it seems that just about everything is done by computers. What about when you have a security need? Should you use an automated system to keep watch over you, your property or your

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Armed vs Unarmed Security Guards: Which Type Do You Need?

Upon first consideration, it may seem obvious that armed guards would provide more security than unarmed ones. Dig a little deeper, however, and you will see that the decision between armed vs unarmed

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Security Company That Will Surprise You

Have you ever thought about hiring a security company? Most people start considering stationing guards on their property because they want to prevent criminals from causing trouble.Crime prevention is

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A Complete Guide to Executive Protection for CEOs

As your company's success grows, so does the chance of an attack on your leaders. It's a scary thought, but one for which you must be prepared.We understand that you value your company's highest-level

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Bodyguard

Are you experiencing real problems with your personal security, privacy, and safety?You may have considered hiring a bodyguard but you might not be sure if the services are right for your situation or

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