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6 Important Reasons Why You Need Catering Hall Security for Your Event

When you're planning a wedding reception, an anniversary party, or an awards banquet, booking a catering hall should be one of the first things that you do. Your next step should be to line up security.Catering

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Corporate Event Security Guidelines: How to Keep Your Business & Employees Safe

Security is important for any event, but it can be especially critical for corporate events. At a meeting, a retreat, or another corporate event, many high-level company executives may be present, and

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Trade Show Security Checklist: 6 Must-Follow Guidelines to Secure Events

A trade show is an opportunity to build your business, network with others, and glean new ideas. However, for the best experience, the event must be secure. Proper trade show security protects organizers,

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How to Create a Special Event Safety Plan for Your Company’s Event

As the event planner, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of the people attending your event. You have to ensure that the attendees are not exposed to any hazards before, during, and after

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Special Event Security Checklist: 6 Items You Must Account for When Planning an Event

Special event security planning doesn’t have to be so exasperating. But more times than not, that’s how it seems to turn out for many business owners and event managers. One thing topples onto another

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