6 Vital Reasons Why You Need Catering Hall Security for Your Event

6 Important Reasons Why You Need Catering Hall Security for Your Event

When you're planning a wedding reception, an anniversary party, or an awards banquet, booking a catering hall should be one of the first things that you do. Your next step should be to line up security.

Catering hall security is important because you don't want your special event to be marred by drunk guests, fighting relatives or party crashers. When a security company is there to keep the peace, your big day will be memorable for all of the right reasons and none of the wrong ones.

1. Catering Halls May Have Multiple Entrances

When a venue has multiple entrances, it can increase the vulnerability of the location. A catering hall may have:

  • Multiple entrances from the outdoors to the entryway.
  • Several doors through which guests can go from the foyer to the banquet room.
  • A door between the guest area and the back room.
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    A back door that leads from the staff area to the parking lot.

Unguarded entrances provide opportunities for people to sneak themselves or restricted items inside. As a host, you cannot keep an eye on all of the doors at once. Hiring security for the catering hall helps you ensure that all of the entrance points are monitored throughout your event.

2. Security Teams Can Pay Attention to the Guest List

Holding an event at a catering hall is not usually cheap, especially when you are serving a meal. It's normal to spend at least $40 per guest, and in some instances, you could pay $500 or more per person.

When you are investing that much money in your event, you want to ensure that only the people who are on your guest list show up to eat the food. Hiring security is one way to ensure that your event is protected from "wedding crashers" who weren't invited to the party.

Not only can a security team at the entrances ensure that people are on the guest list before allowing them in, but they can also serve to welcome guests to the event. A professional security service has employees who know how to present themselves as friendly greeters rather than intimidating guards.

3. Guests May Be Decked in Their Finest Wear

When a big event happens, guests often show up in their finest clothing and jewelry. While not every handbag, dress or necklace will be worth thousands of dollars, there is always a chance that some of the guests' accouterments are quite valuable. This is especially true of black-tie events.

Hiring security for the catering hall helps to protect your guests from theft during the event. Not only will the security guards keep an eye on all of the activity in the room, but also, the mere presence of guards may be enough to deter would-be thieves from attempting to lift someone's valuables.

If the catering hall has a coat closet or coat check, it can be a good idea to post a guard near that area. Guests may carelessly leave valuables unguarded, and sticky fingers may try to rifle through unattended pockets or purses.

4. Alcohol Can Lead to Poor Decisions

Many venues require that a security team be on hand during all events that involve alcohol. When guests have been drinking, they are more likely to damage property or get into altercations with one another.

Even if the catering hall does not dictate that you must have security on hand for your event, it is still a wise move. As you can see in the video Maid of Dishonor Ruins Wedding, just one drunk guest can wreak havoc on a special event. A skilled security team is trained to diffuse tense situations and remove troublemakers from the venue.

Drunk driving can be a serious concern after an event. The security team will have the necessary experience to help drunk guests find a safe way home, such as directing them to a taxi.

5. Security May Reduce Your Liability

If an accident or an injury occurs at your event, could you be held responsible? Yes, if something serious happens at the catering hall during your event, someone might try to stick you with the liability.

Although there is no way to entirely prevent this from happening, hiring catering hall security may help. For one thing, serious issues are less likely to arise when a security team is present because the guards can put a stop to problems before they get out of hand.

Also, if you have a security team in place, you may be less likely to be seen as negligent. Hiring security is a forward-thinking move that shows that you put effort into making sure that your event would be as safe as possible.

6. All the Focus Should Be on the Main Event

You aren't planning a major event at a catering hall so that accidents, thefts, drunk people or uninvited guests can ruin it. You have special plans in mind for the big day, and you want your guests to go home talking about those, not about all of the problems that occurred. Hiring security for the catering hall can help your event run smoothly from beginning to end.

A security company also frees you up to fully enjoy the event. If you feel responsible for everything that happens, you won't be able to relax and create amazing memories of the day. When you trust that your security guards have a handle on things, you can leave matters of safety to them, and your attention can be spent on enjoying the event that you worked so hard to plan.

Will you hire a security company for your next big event? 

Catering hall security is a responsible part of event planning. Both you and your guests will appreciate the peace of mind that a security team can provide.

About the Author Richard Allen

Mr. Allen is the Founder & President of American Protect Bureau (APB). APB is a licensed, bonded and insured private security company. He is a well respected industry expert with extensive knowledge and over 25 years experience in all aspects of security and protection. Having personally provided security for some of the hottest nightclubs and highest profile people, he understands first-hand what it takes to ensure venues are protected and people are kept safe. Richard conveys this point to every single security guard employed by his company.