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Loss Prevention Security Services

Retail stores and employees have increasingly become victim to criminal behavior, be prepared for anything with American Protection Bureau.

Our Loss Prevention Services

Administering solid loss prevention security services is the most effective way to deter would-be burglars or thieves. Our loss prevention security company is dedicated to preventing asset losses and keeping vandals in line. We treat your business as if it were our own by utilizing present day advances in security technology and well-practiced methods of observance.

On-site expert security officers will closely monitor surveillance cameras behind the scenes or on patrol. Each dedicated individual demonstrates sheer courtesy and respect with all patrons, employees or customers. In the case of an emergency, all of our guards are extensively trained in CPR, fires or evacuation best practices. If anything comes up last minute, they will have access to qualified backup at any given time.

As we work with your staff or management, we will discuss ways of creating an effective security strategy that is straightforward and easy to interpret. This ensures that your store or facility is running smoothly while providing excellent retail security services.

Benefits of Hiring a Loss Prevention Team

Law Enforcement Communication

If you are experiencing merchandise loss due to theft or burglary, we will work with police officials to ensure that anyone involved is held accountable for their actions. All matters are handled legally and effectively in this way.

24 Hour Surveillance

We discreetly monitor and secure your premises using both our state of the art security cameras and patrols to provide coverage both on the floor and overhead.

Asset Accountability

Establishing written documentation can help you distinguish whether a person suspected is guilty of theft or if there was just a simple mistake. We will monitor and archive what comes in or out of your facility to provide an oversight into the situation so there is sufficient evidence to refer back to.

Our Loss Prevention Operations

While consulting with you, we will provide expert advice and best-used methods of controlling theft or losses within your business. You may install a state of the art surveillance system to observe problematic areas within your facility with a surveillance expert on site. Traffic flow and parking areas can be monitored by a security officer posted near entrances or with multiple security cameras. Incoming or outgoing products and employees can be monitored to help you find criminal discrepancies within your business.

Loss prevention security services may be carried out differently depending on what your establishment's needs are. For example, you may have a shop within a precarious neighborhood that frequently experiences burglaries or vandalism, thus the store requires close monitoring.

If you have a manufacturing facility handling a lot of merchandise, you may require heavy outside surveillance that watches employee parking, visitor parking, and truck loads. Some casino or gambling establishments may need expert observers to detect cheaters or fraudulent activity. In any case, we will work together with you to find what works best.

You may call our office at 631-390-9050 or toll-free at 888-601-6661 to ask any additional questions and to cover your options. We will follow through a request of services with a free, no obligation personal meeting.

Invest in Quality Loss Prevention Services

Our experienced retail and manufacturing security services team provide quality protection and surveillance services against theft and loss. Request a free, no obligation quote with the #1 Security Guard Company on Long Island.