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Secure Transportation Services

Achieve your safe and reliable travel needs with American Protection Bureau.

About Our Secure Transportation Services

Whether you are looking to tour the nightlife scene or even need to securely commute to the airport, we at American Protection Bureau have you covered. We specialize in driving and protecting at-risk individuals as well as their family, business partners, clients and their guests.

All of our security drivers or personnel demonstrate and maintain a professional appearance with excellent communication skills to boot, ensuring that any of our patrons' concerns are met with courtesy and respect. Many of our drivers are also established security professionals that have extensive training in defensive driving, first-aid and security techniques to ensure your safety in any given scenario.

While working closely with you, we will develop strategies to address any of your safety or time concerns that are easy to follow and understand. When you need to be somewhere safely and on time, you can count on our secure transport services to get you there.


Experienced Drivers

When you are trying to get to your destination discreetly, safely and on time, you rely on the skill of your driver. Our professional drivers are not only experienced from years of training but also have a broad range of security related knowledge to find the best ways to make your journey safe and free of hang-ups.

Armored Vehicles

If requested, armored vehicles are available for any use you may see fit. These special vehicles are built to protect you or treasured merchandise from dangerous projectiles and objects. All transportation vehicles are routinely inspected and maintained to provide optimum protection as well as efficiency.

Local Area Knowledge

Our professional drivers are familiar with most popular entertainment or hospitality destinations nearby and maintain excellent relationships within their circles.

Driver/Patron Communication

Our security drivers understand the importance of listening to their patron’s safety and commute concerns. Whether you are in a hurry or feel that your safety is in jeopardy, we will devise a plan that keeps you safe and moving.


Secure transportation services or armored vehicle transportation are often considered for use by individuals seeking privacy and securement of themselves, business partners, family members, clients, guests, currency, and valuables. Celebrities or other publicly well-known individuals may seek secure transports to provide privacy and protection from publicity or aggressive behaving critics.

Government officials, legal authorities or other at risk professionals may seek secure transports or armored vehicles keep themselves and their business matters protected from dangerous criminal operations. People with high wealth procurement may rely upon the privacy and safety that secure transportation services have to offer for themselves or their family alike.

Our security transports center their work around the needs of our patrons and when applied, is highly dependent on their schedule. Perhaps your business matters are private but you need to pick up certain individuals for a meeting, you may consider using these services.

If you have protection, privacy, and safety concerns but you need to get to the airport on a timely basis, hiring our security transports may work for you. Traveling out to the town as an at-risk individual you may feel that your privacy or safety is at stake so you may require security pick up services to escort you to and from destinations. Armored vehicle transportation may be desired if you have any physical money or precious metals that need to be safely transported from one location to another without needing to worry that it will be stolen.

If you have any concerns or questions about applying these services to your schedule you may get ahold of our office at 631-390-9050 or our toll-free number 888-601-6661. We will schedule a free and no obligation meeting with you.