Security Training Courses - First Aid, CPR, and AED Courses

Security Training Courses – First Aid, CPR and AED Training Courses

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Our comprehensive courses certify and prepare individuals to perform during dire, life or death situations.

We Offer the Best Security Guard Training Courses in Long Island

Our private security training classes are designed to improve on and or best prepare you to become a certified security or fire guard. Work alongside veteran security experts as you cover MOAB (Management of Aggressive Behaviour) and various professional defensive tactics proved effective in the field. Our security training courses are offered in several options for people interested in or who have already become security personnel, that want to improve or refresh their education.

Training Classes

8-hour Certificate

An introductory class required before being hired to receive a security guard license.

16-hour Certificate

Hands on training in the field that follows the introductory training class.

8-hour Annual Certificate

Required by licensed security guards to recertify and refresh their education.

47-hour Armed Guard Course and Certification

Required course for licensed security guards to upgrade their license to become an armed guard.

Fire Guard Preparation Course

A course designed to prepare and educate individuals on safety procedures and requirements pertaining to work as a fireguard.

First Aid / CPR & AED Training Courses

Whether you are teaching children how to determine an emergency situation or you’re training company employees to receive CPR or AED certification, we offer a variety of first aid training courses to help prepare and certify individuals to handle basic or advanced medical procedures. Work alongside our medical experts either in your home or at a training facility to learn the fundamentals of first aid and emergency medical equipment procedures used by professionals in the field.

Medical Training Classes for Security Guards

Basic First Aid Training (Children 8-10 years)

This course covers ways for children to identify an emergency and when to call for help. They will learn how to treat minor first aid injuries, household poison identification, poisoning prevention, how to tell when someone is choking and how to administer hands-only CPR.

Standard First Aid Certification

This course teaches individuals the fundamentals of caring for wounds, cuts & scrapes, drug overdose, strokes, heart attacks, poisoning and more.

Adult CPR Training

Covers basic CPR methods that may be carried out specifically on the adult or mature anatomy

Child and Infant CPR Training

Covers basic CPR methods that may be carried out specifically on children or infant anatomies. This course is highly recommended for parents, nannies or babysitters of any age.

CPR for Professional Rescuers Certification

Covers advanced CPR medical practices that may be carried out on adults, children, and infants. Recommended for first responders, security personnel or other health care professionals.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Certification

This course covers the basic and advanced methods of using an AED in the event of cardiac arrest, often required by medical professionals, EMTs or flight attendants.

Administering Emergency Oxygen Certification

This course covers basic and advanced methods used in the event of breathing and cardiac emergencies, often useful for medical professionals or first responders.

Don't Miss Out on the Benefits of Security Training Courses

When you choose to enroll in our courses you are getting the best advice and knowledge from certified professionals in the industries. Our training services give you hands on and or educational training to prepare you for potentially catastrophic events if you are otherwise not trained for. By passing these courses you will receive a certificate that you are prepared and trained to adverse events.

If you would like to enroll, ask any questions about course content or pricing related information you may contact our office at 631-390-9050 or call our toll free number at 888-601-9050.