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Special Event Security Services

When you’ve got an event, we’ve got the professionals and experience - trust in American Protection Bureau to do it right.

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Our Special Event Services

When it comes to large crowds you've got to be prepared for anything and that's what we at American Protection Bureau specialize in. As a group of highly trained professionals, we will ensure everything goes according to plan. When prepared the right way, your events will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

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Our team of expert security professionals is extensively trained to work with large events to ensure that quarrelsome or disruptive behavior is avoided or dealt with discreetly.

It is our on-going mission to ensure that all of the guests and attendants feel safe and secure while they enjoy these special events. We will arrange a project manager who will consult with your team through the several different stages of planning.

From the beginning to the very end, the project manager we assign will work with you to establish a reduced risk plan. We assist you from the initial planning stages, overall production, the feedback from the media, to also coordinating with external, subcontracted vendors on safety and security matters.

We are veterans of event security with literally thousands of events under our belts. Commonly our clients have requested that we follow them to their other events or travels, as they have found that working with the same company that knows what they need saves them a lot of time and hassle. You can trust in American Protection Bureau reputation to perform immeasurably for your special events.

The Important Benefits of Special Event Security

Expansive Consulting

The event project manager that we provide is working with you every step of the way, effectively solving problems so that your events flow smoothly and avoid any type of liability

Communication Methods

Our security team and project manager will work closely with your staff or management to provide support and feedback of any happenings via a 2-way communication system so that any matter may be swiftly dealt with.

Support Crew

While providing event security officers, we will also provide fire guards, host or greeters, a guest list team, on-site EMTs and Paramedics, and a social media unit to monitor live traffic.

Accelerated Permit Acquisition

If you are having problems waiting for a permit to allow you to hold events, we will speed the process up for you or also help you go about acquiring a permit.

Operations for Our Special Event Security Services

When you are holding national or regional sporting events, conventions, political campaigns or even having special guests attend you may count on the special event security services to benefit your plans allowing your events to follow a flawless schedule. Large scale events require a persistent need for security presence to deter criminal behavior and maintain control of your performances. In the event that anything does go wrong, our special event security team will follow through on their best methods in a discreet, confidential and professional manner.

This service may best be applied in a highly organized way with many different possible set ups. For instance, you may prefer having security units posted in certain locations throughout the venue or facility that are holding your event so that they may provide better support within your team. We may set up behind the stage or a project room to conduct surveillance and various discretional media monitoring systems. You may request us to provide hosts or greeters near the entrances you'd prefer people entering and to provide guest list checks. Our team will be of your discretional use to work in a conductive way with you and your team in a professional and courteous manner.

If you would like to request more information and discuss your options, please call our office number at 631-390-9050 or our toll-free number at 888-601-6661. We will consult with you briefly before setting up a free and no obligation meeting to go over any plans.

Make Your Special Event a Safe and Secure Success

We specialize in special event security: From logistics, implementation to planning, we have you covered. Request a free, no obligation quote to find out how we can help make your next event a success.