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Trade Show Security Services

Booth owners have a very busy job, protect all that they do at your shows with American Protection Bureau.

About Our Trade Show Security Services

As exciting and energetic that trade shows may be, there are times where crowd and security can ensure a better experience for those looking to engage with your staff and or products on display. Let American Protection Bureau do the talking when it comes to preventing loss and equipment damage. As professionals, we will dedicate ourselves to assisting in the protection of your prospective customers and their overall safety.

Our professional and expert security personnel are devoted to showing respect and professionalism to all trade show patrons while providing a service that protects their interests and safety. All of our security guards are trained extensively and certified for dangerous scenarios like CPR, evacuation, and fires. Our guards are fully insured, drug screened, have workers comp, disability, liability, and have plenty of access to qualified backup if required.

We'll work closely with your staff or exhibit promoters to plan and secure off access areas so that the traffic flows through where you want it, not behind your booths or unauthorized areas. Following dependable and well-structured guidelines, we ensure that your event is not only safe but productive as well.

Are You Missing Out on the Benefits of Trade Show Security?

Productive Consultation

We will work with you to provide insight on possible problem areas around your booths as well as provide traffic designated areas so that your trade show events may flow freely and avoid any hang-ups.

Law Enforcement Communication

In the event that there are any nuisances at your shows, you may have to discuss the matters with local law enforcement. We handle any communication with law enforcement, so that you may focus on the production of your events.

Communication Practices

Our security guards will work closely with your staff via 2-way radios so that we may quickly address issues before they lead to destruction or damage.

Our Operations for Trade Show Security

You may consider trade show security services for many different types of trade show environments. From automotive shows, business conferences, fine arts or fan meets, you name it, our trade show security team will benefit your production and provide a safe environment for all. Large scale events with heavy foot traffic like trade shows may require a security presence to deter wild and unfavorable behavior so that your shows may continue to run effectively. Your booth owners have a very difficult job promoting their brands, communicating with their visitors and handling all of their sales. With our security services, you won’t need to worry about the safety and security of their displays and merchandise.

Trade show security services may be best applied in an organized and productive manner with attention focused towards your booths. A free flowing environment will allow your guests to move through the event at the pace they would like. Having barriers between your booths and main traffic gives your promoters space to present their products so everyone can see and attendees don't invade the booths space. Some booths may need to have their backs facing the crowd while they are featuring a video presentation, thus having guards watching their backs would be a good solution. If a trade booth is selling products, it would also be wise to have security guards observing for theft. Given any situation, our trade show security team stands ready to work with you to provide a safe and confidential environment for your shows.

If you would like to request a quote and or discuss any information, please call us at our office at 631-390-9050 or our toll-free number at 888-601-6661. We will go over any additional details with you before setting up a free, no obligation meeting.

Make Your Trade Show and Safe and Secure Success

Keep your trade show orderly, safe, and secures with our top-notch security services team. We provide quality protection for your next trade show on Long Island, New York City, or Florida. Request a free, no obligation quote today.