Why It Is Important to Have Executive Protection For Your Organization

Why Is Executive Protection Important to an Organization?

Have you ever scoffed at the figures that top companies spend on protection services for their top leaders and wondered "Why is executive protection important to an organization?"

After all, in 2013, Amazon invested an eye-popping $1.6 million in their CEO's safety. Other companies, such as Disney and FedEx, shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to protect their top leaders.

Why are companies willing to dedicate so much to safeguarding their leaders? It's because they know the importance of executive protection, and that's a lesson that applies to organizations of any size. Read on to learn four ways that executive protection is invaluable to an organization.

To Keep Your Organization out of the News

There's something to be said for publicity, but more often than not, when an organization is in the news, it's not for a good reason. Most organizations' leaders want to avoid that sort of exposure. Executive protection can help.

Think of it this way: If a leader in your organization is targeted or attacked, and the threat is not stopped, you can bet that everyone will soon find out. This knowledge can shake consumers' confidence in the stability of your group, which, in turn, may reduce their trust in your products or services.

With executive protection services on your side, you can control what the public sees. Instead of receiving publicity for unfortunate events or terrible tragedies, the media exposure you receive can be carefully planned and orchestrated in order to put your best face forward to the watching world.

To Keep Your Leaders at the Helm for as Long as Possible

In the video "Good Leadership Is Invaluable," Brian Tracy explains, "Leadership is the ability to get results." Tracy goes on to highlight some of the characteristics of good leaders and explains how excellent leaders can multiply the effectiveness of an organization. Bad leaders, on the other hand, can divide it.

In other words, you can't put a price on the importance of having good leaders for your organization. Keeping your best leaders at the helm is vital for your long-term upward trajectory.

Leadership changes affect your entire organization from the top down. In companies experiencing large transitions, such as shifts in leadership, employees have less favorable views of their company, its performance and its image. They are 5 percent less engaged than average employees, and 12 percent less engaged than employees in top-performing companies.

Clearly, the less frequently that your group undergoes leadership transitions, the better it is for employees' morale, attitudes and productivity. Security services for your top leaders can help keep these people in their positions for as long as possible. First of all, security personnel can provide bodyguard services to stop attempts on your leaders' lives.

Furthermore, the importance of executive protection involves so much more than just mitigating attacks and disasters. Quality security teams also know how to handle medical emergencies.

They can serve as first responders if an executive experiences a heart attack, stroke or other life-threatening situation, and their immediate care may prolong the life of your top team members. Even executives who resist the idea of a bodyguard service may be won over to the idea of executive protection when they realize this benefit.

To Protect Classified Information

You want your organization to be at the top of your field. Getting there requires holding an edge over the competition. Often, this edge involves proprietary knowledge of ideas, procedures or processes, and if that crucial information gets out, you will lose the advantage that you once held over the competition.

Typically, a group's leaders, who know the ins and outs of the organization, hold this sort of intellectual property. Competitors know that if they can get to your leaders, they may be able to extract this information.

Executive protection provides security to guard your top leaders against those who could try to steal your group's ideas. You might think that this is far fetched, wondering, "Would anyone really attack our leaders just to get ahead of us in business?"

But do you really want to find out? Executive protection offers peace of mind against such a threat, even if an attack is never attempted.

To Give Your Team the Tools for Success

The opposites of peace of mind are stress and worry. While a well-protected executive can do his or her job without worry for personal safety, an unguarded leader may be addled with the stress that comes with concerns for security.

Stress limits the productivity of any worker.

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    Dealing with stress hinders memory and recall.
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    Stressed workers have a harder time managing their time effectively.
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    High stress can cause job burnout.
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    Chronic stress affects overall health. Poor health has further consequences, such as missed work and reduced lifespan.

Although you may not be able to eliminate all of the stress that comes with being in a position of leadership, through executive protection, you can reduce the stress that stems directly from concerns for security. In fact, with an experienced protection team in place, leaders soon find that many everyday responsibilities come with less stress:

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    Travel is easier when a protection team is orchestrating arrangements and security. Whether it's a short morning commute to the office or a business trip halfway around the world, an executive protection team can manage the travel in the safest, most careful way possible.
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    To bolster the leader's safety, daily errands and tasks may be managed by the security team instead of by the individual. This provides more time for the leader to focus on other responsibilities.
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    Leisure time is more relaxing when a leader knows that both himself and his family are being kept safe. Good protection services can keep watch over leaders, spouses and children without being intrusive or making the family feel like they can't live an ordinary life.

As you can see, the investment an organization makes in executive protection is worth the cost. Executive protection can improve public perception, bolster organizational productivity, safeguard your intellectual property, and help your leaders be successful.

Granted, this doesn't mean that you must shell out $1.6 million a year like Amazon. However, because of the importance of executive protection, it is imperative that you:

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    Identify the right level of executive protection for your organization.
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    Use your funds well by hiring a firm with expertise in this area.

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About the Author Richard Allen

Mr. Allen is the Founder & President of American Protect Bureau (APB). APB is a licensed, bonded and insured private security company. He is a well respected industry expert with extensive knowledge and over 25 years experience in all aspects of security and protection. Having personally provided security for some of the hottest nightclubs and highest profile people, he understands first-hand what it takes to ensure venues are protected and people are kept safe. Richard conveys this point to every single security guard employed by his company.