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Armed Security Guard Services

Quality Protection from Top Armed Professionals

The World is Changing. Get the #1 Security Guard Company for Your Armed Guard Needs

With the rise in violent crimes and gun violence, it has become a necessity to ensure armed protection for your business and patrons. American Protection Bureau has a fully assembled team of active and former law enforcement officers who are top quality armed guards, ready to provide protection. 

Why Choose American Protection Bureau?

Licensed and Qualified

Our armed guards are licensed with qualified weapons. We ensure all of our armed guards receive annual state-mandated firearms training and maintain their licenses and permits.

Highly Rated

APB would not be the #1 Security Guard Company on Long Island without our team of security professionals. Out of hundreds of applications submitted per year, only the top professionals make the cut to protect our clients.

24/7 Availability

Protection never sleeps-neither do we. APB Security can work with your schedule and needs to ensure you have quality protection, day or night, when you need it.

Our Professional Armed Security Team can Perform the Following Duties:

  • Use force when necessary
  • Foot patrols
  • Direct traffic
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Escorts from building to building or building to parking lot
  • Greeting patrons
  • Crowd control
  • Access control

Our Armed Security Guards are Available to Protect:

Churches and Houses of Worship

Unfortunately, violence in houses of worship are rising. Our licensed armed security guards can help protect you and your congregation


Having our professional armed security presence can bring peace of mind to students, faculty, and families, and help mitigate and neutralize an active shooter incident.

Banks and Businesses

Handling large cash transactions or valuable goods can make you a soft target for armed robbery and theft. APB can provide armed guard services for your establishment, as well as protection during deposit drop-offs.

You and Your Family

We offer armed bodyguards as personal protection for you and your loved ones.

Special Events

Whether it is a concert or trade show, we can cover your security needs with quality armed protection for your event.

Restaurants and Nightclubs

The nightlife can bring fun and excitement, but unfortunately, can be a target for violent behavior. A strong security presence can deter and contain violent situations. 

Let Us Help You Keep You and Your Businesses Safe

Our top-notch armed security services team can provide quality protection for you on Long Island, New York City, or Florida.